Here’s How To Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally At Home

hemorrhoids treatmentIf you or your loved one suffering from hemorrhoids, you probably felt embarrassing buying Preparation H from Pharmacy. I felt embarrassed to admit when I was suffering from hemorrhoids and needed relief fast. I used to hide this embarrassing condition from my wife and often search for its treatment when she was not at home or sleeping. I didn’t remember how many times I searched for ‘how to get rid of hemorrhoids’ when I was looking for a quick and fast relief.

Why we ashamed of accepting, yes we have HEMORRHOIDS? According to medical research, nearly half of the US citizens suffer from this condition at some point in their lives.

A hemorrhoid is not easy to talk about,and most people prefer to suffer from its pain until the condition becomes uncontrollable. Why tolerate its pain and discomfort when help is available? Don’t feel embarrassing in talking about this condition and finding its relief.

What Are You Going To Find In This Site?

When you come to this site you are probably looking for how to relieve hemorrhoid pain, well it isn’t. Yes! Although I will share practical ways to get relief from hemorrhoids,but this site contains more than just a temporary relief. Why keep on applying lotion and creams for temporary relief when you can end hemorrhoids once and for all.

This site will help you to find the real cause of your hemorrhoids, so you will not only able to treat your hemorrhoids but also prevent it.

How To Find Information You Need?

I tried my best to keep this site easy-to-read and simple-to-understand format. This site contains three sections that help you to find every aspect of hemorrhoids from finding the cause to treating it permanently.

In section one, you will discover important information about hemorrhoids that you never want to hear. Along with that, you will find about the causes of your discomfort and finally a lesson about constipation – a leading cause of hemorrhoid.

Those who want to treat their hemorrhoids on their own without waiting for doctors to prescribe them a relief can check out section two which contains a hemorrhoid Antidote (consists of Manju Tea, Takra and herbal paste). Along with that, this section also contains quick relief plan that is a combination of different treatment fast-acting methods to give quick relief.

The third section will take ‘quick fix’ a step further, as this section contains a three-step holistic method that will put an end to your hemorrhoids for good.

Why Did I Decide To Create This Hemorrhoids Treatment? – My Story

hemorrhoids diagramI am a qualified medical researcher from University of Melbourne Health Service, and I did many types of research on Alternative Medicines. Why I prefer to write about embarrassing and uncomfortable topic – Hemorrhoids? Simple, I want to create a site to put by knowledge and experience together to help people looking for how to get rid of hemorrhoid fast and give them a permanent relief for their hemorrhoids problems.

Therefore, I started my journey and started gathering information about hemorrhoids and piles as much I can. Besides my quick-relief plan, I discover a lot more during my research. In short, I found a permanent cure. This cure not only gives me fast relief from hemorrhoids symptoms but also ends my hemorrhoids problem forever.

Now, I am ready to share my methods, tricks, techniques, steps – everything that I know about hemorrhoids treatment and how to prevent hemorrhoids. Start reading as there is no time to waste. A permanent relief is waiting for you.

Section 1 – The Causes

Hemorrhoid can affect anyone at any age. However, its victims are individuals in their late 20s, but most of them don’t get any symptoms like (bleeding, itching, rectal pain, and blood in stool) before 30s.

The primary culprit of hemorrhoids is – low-fiber diet, high-refined carbohydrate diet combined with a sedentary lifestyle. It produces chronic constipation that triggers pressure and abdominal staining. After some time, this continuous pressure and staining cause swelling in the veins that called Chronic Venous Insufficiency.

Hemorrhoids start developing when the upward flow of blood into the rectal membrane is obstructed. Limiting the flow of blood allows the remaining blood to congest in the veins of the rectum. If this condition stays for some time, then it causes the wall of veins to lose tone and become distended. This distension of blood vessel can make hemorrhoids to come out over the body that called external hemorrhoids.

However, this distention of blood vessels can be internal if mucous membrane inside the rectum is only the affected area. If the internal pressure inside these veins become too much, then membrane can burst that is why many hemorrhoids often see a bright red blood in their stool. Although, sufferers can experience a great relief as the congestion disappears.However,during this process, a great amount of blood loss from the body.

It is recommended for hemorrhoids sufferers to talk with their doctors as soon as they see any blood in their stool.

A blood clot can also create hemorrhoid that is caused by straining and sitting for a too long period. It is very painful, and proper treatment can bring great relief. This type of hemorrhoid is called thrombosed hemorrhoid and often feel like a hard marble.

Congestion Of The Liver

One of the very much overlook causes of hemorrhoids is congestion of the liver. Pressure on the large portal of the vein can lead to the liver causes the blood to not pass through the constricted area that fills up veins with congested blood and turns into hemorrhoid. In this case, treating liver can treat hemorrhoid.

Frequent Use of Laxatives:

Frequent use of laxatives is also one of the possible causes of hemorrhoid. Some laxatives have irritation and weakening effect on the lining of the rectum that results in enlargement and inflammation of veins.


Pregnancy is also one of the causes of hemorrhoids. Pressure on Uterine slows down blood circulation that causes swallow veins and bleeding. Also, hormones slow down blood flow causing blood vessels to stretch and relax.

Mental Stress:

Mental stress is also one of the contributing factors for hemorrhoid. People who are often under stress often rush or strain using the toilet. Stress can also disturb digestive system causing constipation.

Other Possible Causes:

Other possible causes include standing and sitting for a longer period, obesity, strenuous work, weakness in abdominal muscles, insufficient exercise, hyper-acidity and weakness in the general tissue of the body.

Classification Of Hemorrhoids:

I know these topics might be boring for you, but understanding about hemorrhoids is as important as its treatment. Hemorrhoids classified into four stages:

Stage 1 – Slight enlarged, can bleed but don’t come on the surface.

Stage 2 – These prolapse with straining, but they often recede themselves

Stage 3 – These also prolapse with straining, often bleed but they need to sent back to the place

Stage 4 – These are large and prolapsed outside. They frequently bleed.

Surgery To Remove Hemorrhoids:

Injection Therapy – In this therapy, a saline solution injected into the swollen veins. The main disadvantage of this therapy is, this is not a permanent solution, and doctors very rarely use it.

Hemorrhoidectomy – This type of surgery used when hemorrhoid is so large, and no other treatment is working. This surgery is extremely uncomfortable, need painkillers and bed rest. However, there is no guarantee that no other hemorrhoids will return.

Cryotherapy – In this therapy, a freezing effect is applied to hemorrhoid to make them shrink. This procedure is quite uncomfortable and hemorrhoid returns after some time.

Bending – This therapy is usually for stage three and four prolapsed hemorrhoids. The procedure of this therapy involves adding a band to the base or neck of the veins waiting for it to shrivel and fall off. This is not a permanent cure to hemorrhoid and often hemorrhoid return after some time. This type of treatment is extremely painful and uncomfortable for seven days.

Constipation – A Primary Cause of Hemorrhoid:

constipationMany doctors believe that constipation is not that serious, but if you suffer from one of its condition (such as hemorrhoid), then you think otherwise.

Your stool removes waste material, debris of body tissues, living and dead bacteria and lots of other harmful germs. If body fails to remove these harmful germs, they can create sour stomach, bad breathe, nausea, headache, and lots of other illness. In short, the longer these germs remain in the body, the more damage they will make to colon and other organs of the body.

Constipation considered as a primary cause of hemorrhoid. However, the hemorrhoid is also the cause of many underlying diseases. It is a warning sign or a wake-up call. Most people don’t get any symptoms of constipation. For them, going toilet for one or two times a week is common.

Just think about all the meals (breakfast, meals, snacks, crackers, foods) you eat in a week. Is it good for the body to store all these foods decaying and breeding germs for almost three days?

So, let’s access how constipated you are:

If you go to toilet for:

  • Thrice a day (assuming stool is not hard) – means your body is healthy and it is passing out food when it no longer needs
  • 1-2 times a day – means your body is doing good and there is no constipation
  • Once in two days – means the food is coming quickly and taking longer to go away. This is mild constipation
  • Every 3-7 days – This is the problem. This means necessary measures required to bring body on its track

Some other signals of constipation are:

  • An extreme urge to empty the bowel
  • Straining – If the stool is difficult to move or taking too long to pass.
  • Low amount of stools as compare to food intake
  • Hard stools
  • Reliance on laxatives

Here are some other symptoms of constipation:

  • Bad Breathe
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Sour stomach
  • Acidity
  • Dizziness
  • Mouth ulcers
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Dark circles under eyes

Chronic constipation can also lead to:

  • Diverticulitis
  • Bleeding Colitis
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Ulcerative colitis

If above will not convince you to end your constipation problem then nothing will. However, the question is how to tackle constipation problem?

The answer is probably you don’t want to hear, a change in diet and lifestyle usually can end constipation problem. These changes don’t need to be drastic. I will share ‘A Juice Fast’ technique that will help you to cure constipation problem.

Summary of Section 1 (‘Introduction’):

I know many of you wanted to skip some part of this section, but I recommend you not to do so. For me, this is the most important section for understanding how to get rid of hemorrhoids fast. If you don’t know the main reason behind your hemorrhoid, you will never get permanent relief from it.

I tried my best to cover as much information I know about Hemorrhoid. In the next section, I am going to share some methods for people who are looking for how to get relief from hemorrhoids fast.

Section 2 – Get Relief from Hemorrhoids Quickly:

hemorrhoids home remediesThis section broken into three parts. The first part is Hemorrhoids Free Antidotes that contains recipes for (Manju Tea, Takra and Herbal paste). The second part is quick relief plan that contains home remedies that relieve hemorrhoids quickly within a day or two. The last part contains a Juice Fast technique that can do wonders in treating hemorrhoid and constipation.

Part 1 – Hemorrhoid Free Antidotes:

Manju Tea:

I discovered this 100% natural herbal tea when I was researching on Dr. Rudolf Fritz Weiss, a German doctor who considered as the founder of modern phytotherapy. All ingredients in this herbal tea are selected carefully to attack all signs and symptoms that are present at the time of hemorrhoids outbreak especially constipation.


  • Boiling Water
  • Calamus Root
  • Senna Leaves
  • Chamomile Flower
  • Frangula Bark (Alder Buckthorn)
  • Fennel Seeds

All these ingredients are easily available online or at any herbal store.


Manju TeaCombine and create a mixture of equal parts of Chamomile, Calamus, Senna, Frangula, and Fennel.

Put one tablespoon of mixture into the boiling water and stir it for few seconds. Add one more tablespoon of mixture and let it infuse for 10 minutes.

Drink one cup of this herbal tea in the early morning with empty stomach and one cup in the night. Repeat this process for two weeks or until hemorrhoid symptoms disappear.

Takra For Hemorrhoids:

Takra means Buttermilk. Takra is very popular internal treatment used in Ayurveda. Takra used to treat many digestive problems including IBS, Crohn’sdisease, and hemorrhoids.

As opposed to generic buttermilk available in the local grocery store, the preparation method of Takra is different, and it can be used to relieve hemorrhoids symptoms.


  • Greek Yogurt (Plain Yogurt will work as well)
  • Ginger
  • Water
  • Hing/Asafoetida (for non-bleeding hemorrhoids) and Coriander Power (for bleeding hemorrhoids)


Blend 1 cup of yogurt into 4 cups of water for 2 minutes

Let the mixture settle for 1 minute

Remove the spoon to remove the frothy mixture that has risen to the top

Add 1/2 spoon of freshly grated ginger and 1/2 spoon of coriander powder for bleeding hemorrhoid or 1/4 spoon of hing for non-bleeding hemorrhoids. Put this combination of ginger and coriander or hing into the buttermilk and stir it properly.

Drink one cup of takra everyday with your lunch meal and drink 5 cups throughout the day until hemorrhoids symptoms subside. Even when hemorrhoids are gone, you can drink this mixture everyday as a great health tonic. This home remedy is great for people who are looking for how to stop hemorrhoid bleeding.

Herbal Paste:

Mimosa Pudica plant

Mimosa Pudica plant

I get this herbal paste from one of my friends who live in India where his father is treating different diseases and illness of his fellow villagers through natural substances. It works create for treating external hemorrhoid permanently.

This herbal paste contains Mimosa Pudica, native to South and Central America popular for folding leaves inwards when touched. Don’t worry it is completely safe to touch it. This Sensitive plan is an abundance of benefits that relieve symptoms experienced in hemorrhoids.

This paste contains a perfect combination of Minosa Pudica, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Garlic Cloves. You can use this herbal paste along with the combination of above treatments. It is very easy to make as well.


  • Mimosa Pudica (“Sensitive Plan”)
  • Garlic Cloves
  • Apple Cider Vinegar


  • Wash Mimosa Pudica and mince 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • Add around 50ml of Apple Cider Vinegar into bowl or jar.
  • Add Mimosa Pudica into ACV and crush until it turns into a paste form
  • Then add crushed garlic into a paste
  • Use the spoon to add paste to the pad.

Apply this pad into external hemorrhoids for 5-10 minutes 3 times a day until your hemorrhoids disappear. If you are looking for how to get rid of external hemorrhoids, then I recommend you to try this herbal paste. It worked great for me and it is proven remedy in many Asian countries.

Part 2 –Quick Hemorrhoids Relief

Healthy Toilet PostureThe above hemorrhoids free antidotes work great if given some time. However, if you are suffering from extreme hemorrhoid pain then you need to get relief now, this is why I included this quick relief plan.

These quick relief methods are not meant to end hemorrhoids, but they rather work quickly to provide quick relief. However, to end hemorrhoids for once and for all you need to follow the three steps holistic method that I am going to share below in the third section.

Simple Methods To Erase Pain:

Don’t want to feel the embarrassment of purchasing hemorrhoids medicines from a local store that may or may not work? These home remedies methods can help you in getting quick relief from hemorrhoid pain especially for those who are looking for how to get rid of internal hemorrhoids.

Cold-Water Bath:

Sitting in the cold water (preferably some ice in it) for 10 minutes can shrink inflamed veins. However, make sure you sit in the position that brings your knees to your chin to open anal passageway.

Hemorrhoid Wash:

Mix lobelia extract, zinc sulfate, baptisia extract in equal proportion and wash your anal with it.

Hemorrhoid Compress:

Combine one tablespoon each of golden seal water, peppermint leaf and crushed calendula into 3 cups of water and 1/2 cup of witch hazel. Boil the liquid in water for 30 minutes and allow liquid to cool. Add little witch hazel to the mixture and use a clean cloth to apply the mixture to your affected area. Repeat when needed

Onion And Garlic Suppository:

The combination of onion and garlic works great for reducing swelling. Cut the onion similar to the size of garlic clove. Insert both garlic and onion into the rectum. Don’t worry they will come out in next bowel movement.

Cranberry & Cheesecloth Compress:

This home remedy is very simple to make. All you need to do is create a blend of four tablespoons of cranberry and put it into cheesecloth to apply it on your hemorrhoid for above an hour. Most people put cheesecloth into their underwear and sit on it for that period.

Geranium and Lavender Oils:

Mix two drops of geranium, three drops of lavender oil with an ounce of almond oil. Blend well and apply few drops of mixture to the anus for quick relief.

Ointments and Salves:

Many ointments and salves are available that can treat varieties of problems from itching to rectal bleeding. You can purchase them from a local store, or you can make them in your home.

Vitamin E Oil Capsules:

Vitamin E oil capsules are easily available in many store and chances are you also used them for a different purpose. However, do you know you can use Vitamin E oil to treat your hemorrhoids to get much-needed relief from burning and itching? Try it for five days in a row to get results.

Zinc Oxide Cream:

Zinc Oxide Cream is the antibacterial, antiseptic and astringent cream that is very effective for treating itching inside or outside the anus.

Flowers of Sulfur Vaseline:

By combing one tablespoon of sulfur flowers with one tablespoon of Vaseline you can get very powerful hemorrhoids healer. You can use it several times a day to get results.

Ghee-Turmeric Salve:

Most of you may know Turmeric has some great healing benefits. Asians and Americans are using Turmeric to heal injuries. You can make this salve by combing two tablespoons of Ghee with 1/2 tablespoon of Turmeric powder. Apply it on your hemorrhoid for three days in a row, followed by two days rest and repeat the process until hemorrhoid disappear.

Comfrey Herbal Salve:

This salve is another very effective herbal salve to get relief from itching and burning quickly. This herbal salve is made with the combination of Calendula flower, mullein leaf, comfrey root, plantain leaf, St. John wort flower and chickweed. This simple salve should be applied on hemorrhoid for six days in a row, followed by the seventh day of rest and then repeat the process for six weeks.

The Alum Crystal Remedy:

Since many years, people are using this crystal remedy to treat their internal or external hemorrhoid. This crystal remedy uses aluminum potassium sulfate (alum for short), wild cranesbill, dove’s foot, storkbill and old maid’s nightcap to stop inflammation and bleeding of hemorrhoids. This is very effective treatment for hemorrhoid that works quickly.

Alum is available in different forms (powder or crystal form). Usually, it is widely available as styptic pencils, and cranesbill (alumroot) is available in powder form. Both these are used to heal minor cuts and bleeding.

To prepare this remedy, you have to mix one part of alum with five parts of warm water. Wait for at least two hours to allow the crystal to dissolve, so mixture becomes saturated with it. Once you have the mixture, use the remedy in one of these ways:

  • For internal hemorrhoids, use the dropper to use it.
  • For external hemorrhoids, sit in swallow pan filled with the mixture
  • Apply it around the rectum using a clean cloth or cotton swap.

In the beginning, this mixture will sting, but after few minutes, the pain will disappear. Use this remedy for five to six times a day for quick results.

Part 3 – ‘Juice Fast’ Technique

We have talked about the power of eating, now we will talk about the power of not eating.

Juice Fast‘Juice Fast’ Technique is the great savior for people who are suffering from hemorrhoids, constipation and other digestive issues. You can start Juice Fast even if you don’t have any of these ailments. Juice Fast is one of the best tonics for good health and vitality.

Body occasionally needs a break from food to spend energy on its healing ability. You notice how much tired you feel after eating a large meal or eating the wrong combination of food. This show how much energy body is spending on its digestive process? Doctors recommend chewing food 20-30 times per mouthful to start the digestive process in the mouth.

In the western world, many people are eating wrong combinations of food, and their internal organs are screaming for a break! Fresh fruit or vegetable juices consume as a short fast or as a part of everyday diet shown great results.

Doctors agreed that fasting on raw juices (as opposed to water) is the most potent short-term antidote to fatigue and stress. A raw fruit or vegetable juice provides a much-needed break to digestive process and speeds up body’s ability to destroy dead cells.

A 1-day juice fast once a month will keep your body clean. A 2-day juice fast will remove toxins from your body. However, one or two glasses with the everyday diet will do wonders.

Juice Fast:

During this fast, you are only allowed to drink fresh fruit, vegetable juices or any other healthy liquid such as pure water, nut milk or any herbal teas. Vegetables and fruits are rich in enzymes, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that absorbed quickly in juice form.

If you are having diabetes or high blood sugar problems, then you should avoid drinking fruit juices that are high in sugar content such as carrot juice. You should consume vegetable juices twice as much as fruit juices because fruits are less tolerated by body organs of digestion as compared to vegetables.

Digestion juice is a no-effort task for a digestive system giving a much-needed break.

When and Where To Fast:

For most people, one-day fast isn’t too difficult for them. They continue work as usual while on juice fast. Two or three day fast is acceptable (only when if you are experienced with fasting) but don’t do more than that especially if it is your first time fast. Usually, vacation or holiday is the best time for juice fasting.

Avoid fasting when you are under mental, physical or emotional stress. You should also avoid fasting on extremely cold or hot, as it will weaken your immune system.

 How Much Juice Is Enough?

Many people asked me how much juice is enough for them. My answer is simple, drink till you are comfortable. Don’t force yourself.

You should avoid consuming acidic or high-sugar fruit juices such as carrot if you have blood sugar issues. Green vegetable juices are best, but too much of anything is not advisable. If you feel ill or uncomfortable after drinking any fruit juice, then try another fruit juice.

Preparing For Juice Fast:

If you are preparing yourself for 2-day juice fast, then don’t think it as your last day for eating and don’t go for burger/ice cream/pizza, etc. Your aim should ease yourself before the day of your juice fasting.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink juice and other fluids at least a day before your juice fasting.

Knowing When And How To Stop:

miracle healing juiceIf you never experienced fasting before your body will try to trick you as far as hunger is concerned. Have you never felt hungry but unable to eat that time and later realize you forget to eat when you were hungry?

When you get some experience with fasting, you will realize if the hunger is real or not. Remember you are not fasting to prove yourself how far you can go without eating any solid foods. There is nothing to prove it. You should eat if it is hard to go further doesn’t matter if it is just half day, it is still a good start.

Listen to your body, and you will realize when real hunger kicks in. It usually starts when you start thinking about cooking, food or food-related topic. It doesn’t start with a sudden urge of food to eat.

That’s when to stop and how to stop.

If you are thinking about rewarding yourself a burger/fries or chocolate after completing your juice fast, then think again. These foods will put unnecessary stress on your internal organs. The best way to break your fast is drinking juices and water then slowing introducing raw vegetables and fruits like carrot or celery. Try to eat a small meal because eating large meal will make you feel bloated, tired and unwell.

What To Drink:

Organic fruits and vegetables are my first choices for fresh juice. If they are unable to get them for some reason, then you should make sure whatever you are buying are fresh and crisp because fruits and vegetables lose nutrients as they age.

It is important to wash fruits and vegetables before juicing them. I usually use a scrub brush to clean root vegetables. Sometimes I peel off carrot skin when it is too dirty. Additionally, you should juice only when you need. Avoid bottled juices at all cost even when the label says no preservatives.

Green vegetable juice is more beneficial than fruit juice especially if are diabetic or overweight. You can also use Manju Tea and Takra (recipes given above). Here are some ideas for your juice fast:

  1. Wheatgrass
  2. Herbal Teas
  3. Nut or Seed Milk
  4. Water

Summary of Section 2 (‘Quick Hemorrhoid Relief’)

This section contains all methods, remedies, and therapies that you need to get instant relief from the pain of hemorrhoid. These remedies work best if you use them regularly. Once pain disappears, you may want to stop reading and enjoy whole night.However, don’t do that.

These quick hemorrhoids remedies can provide instant relief from pain, but to end hemorrhoids once and for all you have to read and follow three steps holistic method to treat hemorrhoid permanently.

Bonus: 5 Dietary Recommendations To Prevent Hemorrhoids:

You must think a diet is for those people who want to lose weight or build muscle. This is true to some extent because ‘an average Joe’ usually eat whatever comes in his way. However, this is not a good way of living a healthy life. I don’t want you to be a ‘diet fanatic’ and completely avoid certain food and become obsessed with other foods. You have heard it before, a good diet is a well-balanced diet.

What is The Best Diet To Prevent Hemorrhoid?

Although there are diets made for people suffering from hemorrhoids that usually recommend buckets of vegetables and fruits and restrict spicy food and dairy. I am not a fan of these diets. Here’s why:

It is important to eat healthily and keep an eye on the food you are eating, but you should not limit yourself from eating foods that you enjoy. Hemorrhoids should not be controlling your diet.

However, if you at the stage where hemorrhoid is causing problem regularly then it is time your diet needs attention. You should start making changes in your diet that I mention below:

Dieting Tip #1 – Calorie Intake:

Calorie IntakeExcessive calorie intake can lead to obesity and overweight. Obesity raises the risk of heart disease, Kidney problems, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. A hemorrhoid is also one of them caused by late sittings.

If you think the extra weight is possibly the cause of your hemorrhoid, then you should start monitoring the calorie you are consuming on a daily basis. You don’t have to count every single calorie but knowing how much calories you are consuming is very useful. Your calorie intake depends upon your sex, weight, and age.

If you are overweight, you need to consume fewer calories than your requirements to lose weight and incorporate exercising activities for thrice a week. Remember, too few calories is as bad as too many calories. You should keep a balance.

Dieting Tip #2 – Reducing Fat:

You have to understand Fats are not the bad things. You need some of them to maintain good health. However, consuming too much of saturated fats is proven to increase cholesterol levels and increases the chances of heart diseases. You should lower the intake of saturated fat and increase the intake of unsaturated fat.

Fats contribute to weight gain because foods that are high in fat are high in calories which leads to overweight.

Saturated Fat: Most people consume too much of saturated fats that lead to obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol level. It is recommended for men to keep saturated fat intake to 30 grams in a day and for women, it is recommended to keep intake at 20 grams. Foods that are high in saturated fats are cakes, ice creams, meat products, cheese, butter, and biscuits.

Trans Fat/Unsaturated Fat: Trans fats are artificial fats used in different products such as cakes, pastries, biscuits, etc to increase their shelves life. Monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fats are two types of unsaturated fatty acids that found in vegetables and plants. You need monounsaturated fat in your diet because it reduces LDL cholesterol level. Monounsaturated fats found in olives, olive oil, peanut oil, avocados, oily fish, canola oil, and nuts.

It is recommended to get 25%-30% of your total calories from fats. Most of the products these days contain fats printed on their nutrition label.

Dieting Tip #3 – Increase Fiber Intake:

Dietary FiberDietary Fiber is an important material that you should include in your diet. But what is dietary fiber? Dietary fiber is also known as roughage or bulk, mostly found in plant food and cannot be absorbed or digested by the bodies. Unlike protein and carbohydrates that are broken down by the body, fiber passes through the digestive system and goes out of the body.

There are two types of fiber, soluble fiber (that dissolve in water) and insoluble fiber (doesn’t dissolve in water).

Soluble fiber absorbs water during digestion that increases stool bulk and decreases cholesterol level and glucose level. Soluble fiber found in fruits such as apples, oranges, grapefruit, and pears while it is found in vegetables such as peas and beans. Soluble fiber also found in oats and barley.

Insoluble fiber doesn’t absorb water and remain unchanged during digestion. This type of fiber promotes normal bowel movements, and this type of fiber is good especially for people who have constipation (another leading causing of hemorrhoid). Insoluble fiber found in rolled oats, potatoes, nuts and brown rice.

The recommended intake of fiber for men age 50 or less is kept at 38 grams per day while for women in the same category it is set 25 grams. For men of age 51 or above should keep their fiber intake to 30 grams/days, and for women of age 51 or above should keep fiber intake to 21 grams/day.

Dieting Tip #4 – Dairy Products:

Dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter are good sources of protein and calcium, and they should be in your diet. However, it is good to select low-fat options for these dairy products because they are rich in saturated fat. Consuming too much saturated fat leads to weight gain that increases the risk of hemorrhoids.

If you love milk, then select healthier choices such as 1% fat or semi-skimmed milk. These healthier options contain all nutrition benefits of milk, except they are lower in fat.

Cheese is another dairy product that can be an excellent part of your diet. Cheese can provide many health benefits if it is used in moderation. You should know how much cheese you are eating as some cheese are high in fats and some are high in salt. Similar to milk products, you also can choose healthier options in cheese products such as reduced-fat cheese that contain 10-15g of fat per 100 gram. Cottage cheese can also be a good option because it contains 5-6g of fat per 100 grams of cheese.

Dietary Tip #5 – Spicy Foods:

spicesIf you are an Asian then probably you love spicy foods. Hot chili pepper used in many Indian dishes, and it is one of the best ways to add extra flavor without added calories. Additionally, hot chili pepper contains vitamins and antioxidant that helps in weight loss.

You probably heard spicy foods are not good if you have hemorrhoid because spices can make hemorrhoid condition even worse. However, this is not 100% true. No direct evidence prove spices are bad for people with hemorrhoids. However, too much of spicy foods can cause upset stomach which indeed worsens the hemorrhoid condition.

If you are sensitive to spicy food, then you have to avoid them especially if you have hemorrhoid.

Spices have good health benefits such as they improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure and they speed up metabolism that burns fat quickly. However, you don’t need to start eating too much spicy food. You have to eat within your limits, and if you know hot chili peppers are making your hemorrhoid worse then you have to stay away from them.

Section 3 – End Hemorrhoid Permanently:

Hemorrhoid No MoreUpdate: Due to copyright reasons, I was forced to take down 3-step holistic method to end hemorrhoids permanently, but thankfully, I found an eBook that still contains this three-step holistic method. The name of the eBook is Hemorrhoid No More by Jessica Wright. Hurry up and grab your copy by visiting this special link.

Keep in mind, treating the pain is not ending hemorrhoid permanently. If you want to get rid of hemorrhoid permanently then you have to follow this 3-step holistic method. By combining this 3-step holistic method with above ‘quick-fix’ remedies, you will get instant relief and able to treat hemorrhoid without any doctor’s help.

I am not that kind of person who endorses and recommends anything. Today, I am going to endorse an eBook called Hemorrhoid No More because I feel it is an outstanding product. If you are looking for how to heal hemorrhoids, then you find it interesting.

Millions of people suffered from hemorrhoid in a year, and they end up spending thousands of dollars on hemorrhoids medicines that only mask their symptoms. However, I am going to show you a natural treatment called Hemorrhoid No More, which is an effective and powerful system created by a nutrition expert and qualified researcher – Jessica Wright.

This is NOT an average hemorrhoid remedy instead once you see this 3-step holistic method you will know what I mean.

Jessica suffered from hemorrhoid herself, before creating this Hemorrhoid No More system. She tried many treatments such as creams, lotions, pills, suppositories, and ointments.

I always recommend following the advice from individuals who ‘walked the walk’ and not from theory experts. Jessica not only treated her hemorrhoids but also helped thousands of people in treating their hemorrhoids naturally.

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